Social Responsibility

Environment and Safety

NOC realizes it’s responsibility towards the environment, therefore it invested in public safety and environmental projects.

We at NOC care greatly for insuring public safety and preventing all possible hazard and limit their effect on public health and environment. We also follow strict safety standards in all stages of the process. NOC also constructed a division dedicated to technology related to environmental matters at The Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute.




NOC has constructed oil and gas specialized institutes and centers to train and instruct citizens and develop the oil and gas sector.

As time goes by, our belief in the importance of investing in academic education, therefor in addition to tens of school in our corporations residential areas. We have also established a number of centers and institutes to train and fill the market’s workforce needs, and also to encourage studies and research in petroleum fields to develop the sector.


Community Support

With thousands of job opportunities and reinforcement of sustainable development, NOC and it’s corporations contributes in supporting the community and positively effecting Libya and pushing it towards stability and prosperity.

We at NOC work diligently to make a positive impact on the society. We, our corporations and foreign companies working in Libya continue to prepare and execute multiple sustainable development programs. our support to the community includes more than economic reinforcement to the country, like support for hospitals and public services and road development, in addition to donations and charity.

Our pride and joy are the residential communities, huge empty areas in the desert were transformed to the ideal industrial cities. Providing homes and services for all the workers.

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