An urgent meeting for the National Oil Corporation’s board of management

Mar 28 in غير مصنف.

On Monday 27 Mar, 2017 the National Oil Corporation’s(NOC) board of directors and Dr.Abdulsalam Albadre, Deputy Prime Minister of Services had a meeting.

The meeting took the Libyan Interim Government’s full support of the Libyan army in its fight against terrorism and its reclamation of the fields and ports in the Crescent oil (Sidra Bay) and the call of the international community to support the army, which fights terrorism on behalf of the world.

The Board of Directors of the Corporation(NOC) stressed that all contracts concluded outside the National Oil Corporation in Benghazi are illegal unless settled with the management of the institution and the parties concerned will bear all the consequences of the legal proceedings.

The government also holds both the State of Qatar and the State of Italy responsible for their intervention in Libyan affairs and their support for the terrorist groups. It calls on both countries to immediately stop these acts, which are prejudicial to Libyan sovereignty. And it also remarked that the Italian intervention in Libya is only a return to the old colonial ambitions that claimed the lives of thousands of Libyans, and in the same context, the Deputy Prime Minister of Services and the National Oil Corporation’s Board of Directors stressed their stand against all these attempts with all the procedures, starting with legal proceedings.

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