Chairman of The National Oil Corporation attends Jordan International Energy Summit

Apr 03 in غير مصنف.

Libya was represented by the chairman of The National Oil Corporation(NOC) ,affiliated with The Libyan Interim Government, Naaje Almoghrebe in the 3rd Jordan International Energy Summit(JIES), which concluded on Monday its activities in the Jordanian kingdom’s capital Amman. The chairman also presented a detailed demonstration of the hardships that the oil sector in Libya faces. He also  illustrated the available investment opportunities in the fields of oil and renewable energy in Libya, pointing out the importance of the country’s geography for such projects. Almoghrebe also emphasized the importance a developing strategy between Arabic countries to cooperate in several areas including generating electricity using renewable energy methods like solar energy and wind turbines as a substitute for oil and gas. This representation comes at a time where the unconstitutional Presidential Council attempts to seize the specializations of NOC.

Alhadath newspaper.

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